How do I start?

I offer a number of arrangements and recommend you to contact me to discuss your specific requirements. A typical short-term programme consists of 6-12 sessions or you may wish for longer-term therapy, which may be from 6 months to 2 years. Sessions are usually fifty minutes in duration at a regular time once per week. This is agreed between us at the assessment stage and we will schedule these appointments at mutually agreeable times. Throughout the course of therapy we will review how we’re doing as well as our session arrangements. At our initial assessment session we will explore what has brought you see me, what you would like to achieve and agree a plan for how to proceed, including: session times, frequency and duration.

Where is your practice located?

I work from my practice in Kew, ideal for Chiswick, Hammersmith, Richmond, Ealing and other parts of West London and from Keats House next to London Bridge.

What are your professional fees?

Session fees depend on the plan we agree, based on time of day, session frequency and duration, from £110-150. Payment is by transfer, cash or cheque on the day of or before each session. I ask for 7 days cancellation notice, otherwise the missed session will have to be paid for in full.  I offer some reduced rate sessions for students and low-waged. All fees are subject to review.

What can I expect in the initial assessment?

Arranging a first appointment is a significant step that may follow a long process of search and contemplation, or after reaching a point of crisis in your life, perhaps feeling an urgent need for support, to offload and to be heard and understood. The first session will provide you the opportunity to discuss your difficulties and areas of concern, ask questions and find out more information about the way we can work together. This assessment stage may require several sessions for us to decide what you want from therapy and how we might work together. During this time you would have the space to think about what brought you to therapy, your goals and hopes and develop an initial impression as to how therapy may be helpful for you.

A key aspect of psychotherapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist. A therapeutic meeting is about building a relationship of trust and empathy, where you would gradually feel safe to explore painful aspects of your life, nourish some of your emotional needs, meet aspects of yourself that may be hidden, strengthen your sense of self, learn about the way you relate to other people, make sense of your experiences, discover your potentials and learn to live with and accept your limitations.

Thus, the initial assessment phase will enable us both to get a better sense of how we might work together. Like every human encounter it takes time to know another person so this process of assessment may require several sessions, where both you and I will assess how it feels to work together.