Psychology, CBT, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Training in Kew-Richmond & Central London. Please contact me to arrange an initial consultation on 07590373514

Psychotherapy & CBT

Whether you are experiencing a crisis, feel depressed,  anxious or simply wanting to live a more fulfilling life I can help you explore these and other challenges.  My clients come to me because they want to talk, in a confidential, welcoming and safe environment, to an experienced and qualified professional.

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Mindfulness Training

Through Mindfulness training you can enhance your well being and happiness, become less stressed, develop resiliency and experience a greater sense of control over your life. Mindfulness can be integrated into coaching and therapy or taken as a standalone MBSR / MBCT training. 

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If you are struggling with work pressures, facing change or feeling stuck you may benefit from a short programme of psychological coaching to help you gain new perspectives and successful coping strategies to re-balance, to respond rather than react to such challenges. 

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