What is coaching psychology?

Coaching is about unlocking potential and facilitating your performance, development and satisfaction in both work and personal domains.  Coaching psychology addresses this specifically through models of coaching grounded in established and evidence-based psychological and therapeutic approaches.  We focus on interventions that transform thinking and bring about action and change.  My clients use coaching to help with:

  • Enhancing job and career performance
  • Managing life transitions & opportunities, exploring life-purpose and meaning
  • Direction setting, problem solving, planning and decision-making
  • Identifying and overcoming dilemmas, blocks and stuckness
  • Responding to change and transition with flexibility and choice
  • Achieving greater work-life balance and satisfaction
  • Developing greater self-awareness and responsibility
  • Coping strategies for health and well being issues, managing stress, pain and insomnia
  • Improving relationships, communications and emotional intelligence
  • Managing attention and the mind

My coaching approach

As a coach I have a broad integrative approach, aiming to bring you the best and latest thinking about coaching effectiveness.  Depending on the your needs and goals I will draw appropriately from gestalt, psychodynamic, behavioural, body and cognitive psychological approaches as well as mindfulness, organisation development and NLP. This is further supplemented by a range of tools and techniques from creative visualisation and mindfulness interventions to psychodrama and drawing.  As a coaching psychologist I aim ‘to go below the surface’, also take a systemic view of your environment to help you move forward.

I believe that most clients have the resources and seeds of change within them and that it is my role to facilitate you in discovering and drawing on these to help raise your self-awareness.  I will act as a sounding board, challenge your thinking and stimulate you to reflect and develop an expanded awareness so as to facilitate finding creative solutions and meaning.  By providing you with a space for insightful reflection, encouraging experimental action to develop insight, expand choices and encourage learning you will start to develop the confidence to understand what you want and move toward it more effectively. I will be there to encourage, support and challenge you on your journey.

“Change occurs when one becomes what one is, not when one tries to become what one is not"

Arnold Beisser’s paradoxical theory of change